EMLC has worked as a designer, developer, and manager of democratic systems within the cooperative movement and non-profit sector for over a decade. Her work has earned her many titles among her colleagues – Entrepreneur, Intrapreneur (or EI), and – perhaps most aptly – Architect.  The impact her work has made has been felt by many. For a listing of positions and comparable, visit her linkedin profile.

Through her efforts, she has:

  • Grown the cooperative economy by over 7 million dollars of assets (i.e. property, jobs) – through the founding of new and the growth of existing organizations,
  • Built and managed networks and membership structures locally, nationally, and internationally – including the creation and sustainment of a national association engaging thousands of individuals,
  • Created and executed various education and training programs – both for internal organizational stakeholders (e.g. staff, membership) and the general public,
  • Developed or managed several cooperative businesses and democratic organizations – among them coworking, worker, and housing cooperatives, and
  • Served as a thought leader to the cooperative movement through writing and public speaking – on building cooperative and movement networks, designing governance infrastructure for social movements, building bridges between FLOSS technology and cooperation, fostering cooperative culture, and the necessary role of youth in movement-building. 
    “The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House.” [Audre Lorde]

Additionally, EMLC has been elected to and served in representative leadership roles for various communities – cooperative development (national and international), youth (national and international), community planning and development (local), data collection (international), and cooperative education (international) – among others. Through these experiences, EMLC has developed a strong understanding of best practices for leading large groups of constituents in the adoption and implementation of new or evolved structures and processes.

EMLC playing in the streets of Buenos Aires
EMLC playing in the streets of Buenos Aires

The educational training that has informed her work growing the progressive sector includes, but is not limited to: Political Economy, International Studies, Religious Studies, Social Movement Studies, and Systems Thinking. In her work, she embodies the Architect archetype and is able to manage both a grand vision for a better world alongside an understanding of the  resources necessary to implement the immediate and concrete steps in alignment with that bigger picture. Additionally, her current service offerings were refined through a self-directed Sabbatical in 2016 and 2017 that took her to several locations throughout the Americas. Her learning in Mexico, the Zapatista-held Autonomous Zones within Chiapas, the mountains of Guatemala, and in Buenos Aires focused both on Spanish language training and on the processes by which different communities have built systems of self-governance and self-regulation of commerce within but without the nation-state structure.

She is a classically trained vocalist (Soprano I) and ballerina. She enjoys bike dancing, throwing tarot, and roadtrips. Her favorite color is El Gris/Gray.

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